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Social Media Audit

  • This is a 1,5h session where
    we will refine your personal branding strategy on a social media platform of your choice.​

    Audit session breakdown:

  • Brief -  (20min video call) to discover your brand and understand your biggest difficulties.

  • During the audit, we'll review the processes currently in use to measure the success of your account. We'll also identify your strengths, weaknesses, and the next steps needed to improve engagement and grow your community.

  • A final (15min video call) to discuss feedback and answer any other questions.

  • Following our session, you'll receive a video recording and a comprehensive PDF document outlining key areas for improvement + tailored advice that will boost your confidence and ability to grow your social media visibility and engagement.

1:1 IG School Session

  • This is a 2h Instagram School session tailored entirely for you and your business where you will learn how you can grow and up-scale your business. 


In this session we will:

  • Explore your goals and what you would like to achieve on Instagram.

  • Discuss your current Instagram struggles.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses within Instagram.

  • Refine/Create your content pillars and engagement plan.

  • Answer any other Q's you may have.

  • Following our call, you'll receive a PDF doc with a personalised audit of your Instagram profile, including brand new content pillars, an engagement plan and even more recommendations for success based on all that we discussed in our call!

Brand Marketing Optimization

  • This is a robust consultancy project tailored entirely to your business with a focus on visibility and branding.

In this consultancy we will:

  • Explore your aims and objectives.

  • Discuss your current difficulties.

  • Thorough internal analysis of the brand.

  • Assess the effectiveness of current communication channels.

  • Creation of visual consistency.

  • Refine/Create clear content pillars.

  • Creation of a clear brand identity.

  • Creation of a branding strategy. and engagement plan.

  • Establishing SMART KPIs.

  • Answer any other Q's you may have. 

  • Following our last session, you'll receive a PDF doc with a thorough investigation and a brand new plan to finally reach your true potential.

Not sure?  Book a 15-minute free consultation call to discuss and find the perfect package that matches your business needs.

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